Sale of veneers in bundle

From log to veneer

Leonardo Tranciati produces and sells wood veneers sheets in bundle directly managing the whole productive process of the veneers, from the supply of the log to the semi-finished product.

Thanks to our vast network of specialised suppliers, selected for their experience and reliability, we can guarantee the supply of logs with precise characteristics of origin together with the best quality/price ratio, with very quickly deliveries.

Wood species

Several wood

Different thicknesses

Different thicknesses

Personalized solutions

Customised solutions

Special Veneers

Special veneers

Customised wood veneer sheets selection service

Highly qualified staff carries out a very careful job of classifying all the wood veneer sheets, bundle by bundle, according to the technical and aesthetic characteristics required. The exact percentages of material divided by quality, aesthetic type and size are recorded through a precise computerised system, guaranteeing maximum reliability regarding the quantities delivered to the customer. Care and precision in the preparation of the material translates into significant advantages for our customers in terms of veneer processing times and waste optimisation.

Customised veneer sheets

Leonardo Tranciati can supply customised veneer sheets through specific cutting techniques, with precise textures as per customer request. We can thus obtain crown, quarter, half crown and rotary cut veneers.

Always available raw material for veneer productive process

The availability of a significant stock of selected raw materials means also the possibility of providing service and speed in the productive process of the veneers, for all orders with large quantities, as well as for those with just-in-time processing. Delivery times are therefore considerably reduced, while still guaranteeing the required quality, thanks to the large variety always available.