Special veneer working


Special customised and bespoke veneer working for the furniture, contract and interior design industry: decorative solutions that require precision and evolved expertise in terms of creativity, innovation capacity, knowledge of the most exclusive wood species and of the most sophisticated processing techniques, to build together with the customer a unique product of highest quality.

Staff that is specialised in processing with a higher content of craftsmanship works supported by an industrial structure, in a context of continuous updating on market trends and technological equipment, as well as deep knowledge of wood species: a studio within the industry.

Inlays Special working

Veneer inlays

We provide decorative veneer inlays of every type, geometrical or figurative, of small or big dimensions, from classical to most contemporary style, thanks to a know-how built over time, centred on the sensibility in the coupling of wood species, respecting textures, wood grain and the craftwork of care for the details. Thanks to the use of technologically advanced machines and to flexible processing techniques, even big dimensions can be easily handled.

Laser Special working

Laser cut and marking

On wood and any other organic material, all the advantages of laser cut and marking processing:

  • Costs saving: laser marking is done directly on the piece
  • Speed: setting times are very little, no treatment needed.
  • Duration: marking and laser cut remain unchanged over time.
  • Repeatability: there are no limits on quantities, moreover laser markings can be repeated without difficulty.
  • Environmental respect:no chemical products such as paints or inks are used.